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Commemorating Your Loved One With a Life Celebration

Published: February 22, 2023

While it is common to host funeral arrangements and other end-of-life ceremonies to remember a loved one, an increasingly popular option is to commemorate loved ones with life celebrations. Rather than focus on the fact that a loved one is gone, those who commemorate their loved ones with life celebrations choose to focus on all the good things their loved ones will be remembered for accomplishing. Here, the team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services outlines why commemorating your loved one with a life celebration may be the right option for you.

Why Should You Choose to Commemorate a Loved One With a Life Celebration?

After a friend or family member passes it is often important for their families to grieve the loss and honor their loved ones. However, not all who die would like to be grieved. Those who leave loved ones behind are increasingly expressing a desire for their loved ones to celebrate how they lived (and not how they died). Life celebrations can be the perfect opportunity to honor their wishes. They can also be hosted inexpensively and are increasingly creative tributes. Unburdened by timelines, funeral arrangements, and even high costs, life celebrations are often a one-of-a-kind way to honor your loved one’s memory and celebrate what made them special.

Life Celebration Ideas

Life celebrations can be completely personalized. From hosting an event in a place that was important to the deceased to incorporating some of their favorite foods, music, or hobbies there are a number of ways to make your loved one’s life celebration special. Consider hosting a lunch or dinner party where everyone brings a dish that was a favorite of the deceased, especially if they had a passion for food or cooking. Was your loved one a musician? Similar to the New Orleans second-line tradition, a small tribute concert through a public park could be a proper way to send them off. If ash spreading will be incorporated into the life celebration, think about locations that may have been important to your loved one and gather a group of friends and family to visit that site and partake in the event together.

Other common life celebrations include:

- Write messages to your loved ones on biodegradable paper lanterns and send them off from a favorite spot

- Invite friends and family to share stories about the deceased

- Start a memorial fundraiser in their honor. Were they runners? A 5K is an accessible distance to host a race for a cause that was important to them.

- Establish a memorial fund at their high school or university.

- Dedicate a star in their honor.

- Plant a tree in their name.

- Turn their ashes into fireworks.

- Plan a destination life celebration in a place that was special to them or that they always wanted to visit.

Contact Evans Funeral Chapel to Learn More About How to Honor Your Loved One

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to planning a life celebration, and the team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services is here to help you plan the right way for you and your family to honor your loved one. Life celebrations can serve as the perfect alternative for those who wish to make their celebration creative and personal, while not being tied down by finances or strict funeral guidelines. To learn more about how to make the celebration of your loved one’s life memorable, contact a member of our team today.

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