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Celebrating Life With a Life Celebration

Published: November 3, 2023

Losing a loved one is a devastating journey. In times of grief, people rely on their memories to understand and appreciate the legacy of a loved one but to truly appreciate the legacy and memories of a loved one, you must also celebrate their life. Life celebrations offer families, friends, and acquaintances the opportunity to gather in one place to share stories and memories of the departed.

Below, Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services discuss what a life celebration is, how it differs from a funeral, why you should hold one, and what we offer to make your life celebration special.

What is a Life Celebration?

A life celebration is a type of ceremony where people come together to celebrate and honor the life of a loved one. Every person in a loved one’s life has different memories and stories of the departed, and a life celebration allows everyone to come together to honor the life of the loved one from different perspectives.

When planning a life celebration, you must decide if you want it to be a smaller or larger gathering. A smaller gathering consisting of close friends and family members gives people the opportunity to comfort each other. Larger gatherings are more uplifting and give people the opportunity to honor and remember the life of the loved one.\

The good thing about planning a life celebration is that it is never too late to plan one. Whether you want to hold a life celebration days after the loss of a loved one or years after a life celebration is a great option.

Life Celebration vs. Funeral Service

After losing a loved one you must decide how you are going to celebrate their life. Will you hold a funeral service, a memorial service, or a virtual memorial? It is important to honor your loved one in a special way. Both life celebrations and funeral services are great ways to honor the loss of a loved one. Though life celebrations and funeral services have differences, both services do three things:

- Help the grieving family and their community publicly acknowledge the loss of one of their own

- Support the bereaved family by surrounding them with loving friends, co-workers, and neighbors

- Move the deceased from one social status to another

While funerals and life celebrations both serve to do the same things, there is one difference that truly sets them apart from each other. Funerals are more formal and rooted in tradition so there is less opportunity for personalization. Life celebrations are more informal and unique, and each service is personalized.

Why Should You Have a Life Celebration?

Life celebrations are meant to uplift the loved ones of the departed. They can be held many times and can even become part of a family tradition to help honor the life of a loved one. Life celebrations can help the loved ones of the departed get a sense of closure. It is a time for everyone to come together and support each other while also paying their respects to the departed. Since life celebrations are more informal than funeral services, it gives loved ones the opportunity to create a celebration that is distinct.

While life celebrations can be held anywhere, holding them at a funeral home ensures that the service will be unique and professional. The staff at the funeral home will make sure that your visions come to life and will help to ease the stress of planning. Additionally, life celebrations typically cost less than a memorial service and can be personalized to be within budget.

Whether you want to hold a life celebration one time or each year, hold it in a funeral home or at your house, Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services is here to help you plan.

How Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services Can Help

Whether you opt for a funeral home or memorial service, we are here to help you plan a personalized service. Meet with us and share your special memories and stories of a loved one so that we can get to know your lost loved one and create a unique and personalized memorial tribute. Each detail you share with us will be incorporated into the tribute. Bring or email us 25 photos or more that represent the span of your loved one’s life. Our dedication to the personalization of your memorial service proves we are the right choice for finding a life celebration planner. Check out our website to see pictures of past memorial services that we have planned.

Contact Evans Funeral Home and Cremation Services For Help Planning Your Life Celebration

At Evans, we understand the importance of honoring your loved one with a personalized life celebration. Get in touch with us to avoid the additional stress and pressure of planning a celebration of life service. Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services is here to assist you in planning and executing the best possible service. To learn more about our provided services, contact a team member, visit our website, or call one of our locations today.

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