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Why You Should Celebrate Life After Death

Published: December 27, 2022

The death of a loved one can lead to a variety of emotions. One emotion you don’t typically associate with death is joy, however, In recent years, more and more families have chosen to honortheir loved ones through a celebration of life rather than partake in traditional mourning practices. Here, the team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services outlines why a celebration of life may be the right choice to honor your loved one, as well as ideas for a celebration of life practice.

Why a Celebration of Life May be the Right Choice For Your Family

Choosing to honor your loved one through a celebration of life can stem from many reasons. Maybe your loved one wanted to be celebrated or honored in a unique way or they were the type of person to focus on the positive in all aspects of life. Maybe they hail from a place like New Orleans where tradition dictates the dead be sent off in a celebratory way.

Regardless of the reason, many families choose a celebration of life because it allows for a more intimate and personalized memorial to honor the loved one who has passed. In addition to allowing for complete personalization, these celebrations are often flexible financial options, allowing you to to spend as little or as much as you wish. Additionally, unlike other ceremonies like a funeral, which have to be completed before the cremation or burial, celebration of life practices are not time-sensitive and can be completed well after loved ones have been given the time to properly grieve and decompress after their loss. Some families even choose to wait months and celebrate on important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Ways to Celebrate the Life of a Loved One

While a celebration of life can be completely personalized, these are some common ideas that people often include in their celebration of life service:

- Dinner parties, especially if they had a passion for cooking or even had a favorite restaurant to go to

- For the music lover, hosting a small tribute concert and playing their favorite song or artist during the celebration

- Spreading their ashes in a specific location that was important to them followed by a party with friends and family

- Write memories onto biodegradable paper lanterns and release them into the sky in tribute

- Start a memorial fundraiser in their honor

- Volunteer with friends and family in their name for a cause that was important to them

Contact Evans Funeral Chapel to Learn More About How to Honor Your Loved One

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to planning a celebration of life, and the team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services is here to help you plan the right way for you and your family to honor your loved one. Celebrations of life can serve as the perfect alternative for those who wish to make their celebration creative and personal, while not being tied down by finances or strict funeral guidelines. To learn more about how to make the celebration of your loved one’s life memorable, contact a member of our team today.

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