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Writing a Meaningful Eulogy

Published: August 11, 2022

When it comes to the final remembrance of a loved one, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with how much you want to include when paying your final respects. How do you determine which anecdotes are worth recalling, especially over the course of a long life that may have touched many people over the years? Writing a meaningful eulogy that is both respectful and eloquent can be difficult. Here, the team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services shares some tips on how to organize your thoughts to write a meaningful eulogy.

Plan It Out

This is not the time to ad lib. Giving (and listening to) a eulogy can be a very emotional time for everyone involved. To make sure you get your point across as eloquently as it's intended while being respectful of your audience, it’s a good idea to plan out a rough outline of what you’d like to touch on over the course of the eulogy.

Start by gathering your thoughts and anecdotes from friends and family. What are some of the things your loved one enjoyed most in life? Are there funny or inspiring stories of their life you would like to share with everyone gathered to remember them? Make sure to highlight any special accomplishments and achievements they’ve made throughout their lives, including important friends and family members, careers, and other special interests.

Focus on the Positive

A eulogy is a time to focus on the positive impacts a person has had on their friends and family. It is not the time to air old grievances. You’ll want to focus on telling happy stories about your loved one that may bring a smile to everyone’s face during an otherwise somber time. Avoid negative stories unless they can be flipped to showcase a positive outcome.

Write It Down

Given that it’s an emotional time, it helps to have everything you plan to say directly in front of you so that emotions don’t cause you to forget or leave anything out. Write down your speech word for word. Even if you’ve got it memorized it will help to have something to fall back on just in case.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even the best public speakers get nervous before giving a speech, but nerves can be overcome with plenty of practice. A eulogy is no different. To ensure your loved one is remembered in the best light, practice, practice, and practice some more to get it perfect.

After you’ve finished your first draft, practice your delivery in the mirror. You can also share your speech with a friend or family member to suggest revisions. This is also a good time to focus on the length of your eulogy. While there is no limit to how long you should make a eulogy, a page or two is usually enough to keep everyone engaged and allow others the opportunity to share their remembrances as well.

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It can be difficult to summarize a life in words, but as long as you keep your loved ones’ personalities, beliefs, and passions in mind, you can rest assured knowing that you did all that you could to prepare the best remembrance possible. The team at Evans Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services understands that the passing of a loved one is never an easy time. We are here to assist you in the planning and execution of the best possible service, allowing you the time to grieve and celebrate your loved one. To learn more about our provided services or to contact a member of our team, visit our website or call one of our locations today.

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